How valuable is Diamond Jewelry as an asset

How valuable is Diamond Jewelry as an asset



Diamond is just not a gemstone but a way of earning a lot through it. Diamonds are tangible assets with the highest mobility and have the highest value whilst being small. Whether you buy a necklace or a wedding ring, everything can be an asset. The necklace is both an ‘asset’ due to its provenance, beauty, durability, and rarity and an ‘accent ‘due to its ability to be fashionable, recognizable, and wearable. Several factors make it a good investment option as compared to others. All diamond jewelry is pawnable. The pawn value varies and it is advisable to go for licensed and graduate jewelry appraisers as they are the legitimate ones and can give the true market value for precious stones. Going to the nearest jeweler is not a very good option.


The pros of buying Diamond jewelry as an investment


1. Storability: With small size comes great storability. So much that you can keep diamonds worth hundreds and thousands safe at a very small place.


2. Durability: Diamonds are naturally durable and are the hardest thing on planet Earth. So, nothing will happen to them. Neither the jewelry will be wearing off nor it will break. So, it is a golden opportunity to wear your investment.


3. Size: The small size puts it at an advantage over everything. A diamond trinket, even being small costs double or triple than gold jewelry. Thus, diamond ornaments like an engagement ring, bangles, the necklace make a good asset.

Diamonds being valuable also lure people to dupe the buyers to get more profit. Wedding band stores offer a variety of it but the issue remains the same. It can easily be avoided if we do a little research before buying anything. If we are not careful then one can be taken for a ride while buying a diamond bangle, earrings, bracelets, and other things.


How can we check for a fake diamond?


1. The Fog Test or the Breath Test: Clean diamond and hold it within one centimeter of your mouth. Fog it up. The real diamond does not get fogged up.


2. Loupe Test: A loupe is a magnifying glass, if seen through it one can see naturally occurring flaws or inclusions then it is real.


3. The Water Test: Drop the diamond in a glass of water and observe if it sinks or floats. The real one sinks at the bottom.


4. Fire Test: Use candle flame to heat the diamond then drop in cold water. If there is a crack it is fake.


5. Refractivity Test:

 i. Newspaper Method: Place your diamond upside down on a newspaper. If the print is readable then it is fake.

 ii. Dot method: Take a white sheet and draw a dot with a pen. Place a diamond over it and look down. If the diamond is real, you will not see the dot.

Another way to resolve the issue of a fake diamond is to get it from a shop that offers both online and offline availability and is registered with good customer reviews.

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