You Can Now Keep Your Diamonds Sparkling For Long

You Can Now Keep Your Diamonds Sparkling For Long


Whether you have the best custom engagement rings or a very simple piece of diamond jewelry, it is obvious that you want your diamonds sparkling for a long. Diamonds reflect and refract light which causes them to sparkle and shine so much. The facets of diamonds are of utmost importance when it comes to determining their sparkle.

Some jewelry items are worn every day, while statement or special pieces are worn specifically on special occasions. It is always a good idea that your jewelry might need some good polishing. It’s essential to clean jewelry, especially diamonds, at times. Some people clean their jewelry excessively, while others rarely clean their jewelry at all. A lot of us are afraid and extra cautious while cleaning diamonds and fragile jewelry pieces. Unnecessary rinsing and rubbing can damage and degrade the jewelry piece and its diamonds. Dirt and dust often spoil the look and feel of your diamonds. The money spent on it will go in vain if it gets damaged. Therefore, cleaning jewelry with care and precision is essential for anyone who loves it and wants it to last and look the same way, forever.

Here are a few ways you can keep your diamond sparkling for long:


Use Mild Cleaning Agents Like A Gentle Degreasing Solution

Diamonds are very sensitive to oil and dust. The diamonds we wear everyday are prone to hosting oil and dust on its surface and around. Even the oil from your fingertips can cause diamonds to look dull. You can make a mild degreasing solution at home. Homemade degreasing solution are free of harmful chemicals, making it safe. Moreover, creating the solution saves unnecessary money that you might toss on buying a cleaning product or solution from outside. Homemade Cleaning Products Are Safe


Be Very Gentle With Your Diamond Jewelry

If you are using a toothbrush to clean your jewelry, you must ensure that the bristles of the toothbrush are very soft and gentle. Also, make sure you use a gentle toothbrush with a very light hand too. Using the toothbrush with pressure will surely damage your jewelry piece. If the jewelry is very fragile, please avoid the toothbrush.


Use Clean Water

To wash the leftover soap after cleaning and brushing the diamond, use clean water or keep the jewelry piece under running water. By dipping the diamond in clean water or keeping it under running water, the soapy parts of the jewelry piece will be washed off. dipping the diamond in clean water or keeping it under running water does not harm or damage diamond jewelry.


Clean Your Diamond Regularly

A diamond is the hardest substance on the planet, but still, it is a very delicate stone in terms of its appearance. Make sure you clean and wash your diamond jewelry once a week if you wear it every day. The ones you wear on special occasions should also be cleaned monthly.


Store Diamond In A Clean Place

You should keep your diamond safe and secure in a clean place. Storing it in a clean place is equally important. The best way to store a diamond piece is by keeping it in a box. Ensure that you don’t end up piling multiple diamond pieces together. Though diamonds seem to be indestructible, they can still get hurt. If you don’t wish to keep several boxes, keep a big box that facilitates sorting and organization. The objective behind this is to avoid any direct contact between different diamond jewelry items.


Safely Dry The Ring

Use cotton or linen cloth to safely dry off the diamond jewelry. These materials are soft and do not scratch the diamond or the metal as paper towels would. If not this, you can let the diamond jewelry dry on its own.


Make Sure You Do Not Use Any Abrasives

Harsh abrasives are very dangerous for your diamond jewelry. Abrasives like household cleaners, bleaches, chlorine cleaners, toothpaste, etc. must be kept far away from your jewelry. The harsh chemicals in the abrasives damage the precious metals and scratch their surface. This results in the deterioration of the look and feel of your jewelry.


Ultrasonic Cleaners Are Not A Good Option Always

Jewelers in Hawaii are very careful when it comes to using ultrasonic cleaners. These cleaners send low-frequency sound waves through a solution. The vibrations help displace the encrusted dirt. However, in case the mountings are loose and diamonds are placed close to each other, the jewelry might get damaged. The girdles of the diamonds might also get chipped as they get rubbed against each other. Ultrasonic cleaning is not fit for all jewelry. Ask your jeweler for the best advice. If your jewelry has been treated before, ultrasonic cleaning might not be a good option for you. You can also check your diamond grading report to get all relevant information.

Wedding band stores often give you all the tips and guidelines to keep your jewelry sparkling for long. Our tips are tried and tested to keep diamonds protected and sparkling. If you follow these    tips and guidelines, your jewelry will be safe and secure for a lifetime. The piece you bought today can be flaunted a decade after or so too. Nokaoi Jewelers are the best when it comes to maintaining your jewelry. They also offer a very extravagant collection of jewelry collections and designs. You can click here to explore their offerings.

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